Are the website visitors real?

We guarantee that you will get 100% human visitors to your website. We are 100% against bots.

NOTE: Most trackers won't count a visit that is under few secound, then they won't show up in your third party trackers at all. So we recommend not to use trackers.

We will send you log in info when your campaign starts to our own tracker.

If you want to shorten your link use there you will see all your stats.


Can I purchase more than 10000 at one go?

Yes, you can purchase a package with any number you like.

If you want other numbers, target visitors or banner hits just contact us.


What detail do you require from me?

The only thing we require from you is your website URL or website link which should be entered on the textbox before you click on Purchase button. Please make sure the website link you provide is the correct one.


NOTE: We do not allow sites with malicious content, maleware, viruses, scripting that alters

a user's browser and not any adult or illegal content.


How long does it take for you to deliver my order?

Your campaign will start in 24-48 hours and hits will be delivered within 30-60 days.


What Payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal Payments because its the most secure and convenient way to make purchases online.

If you want to use Skrill, Bitcoin or Litecoin just contact us for more information.